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Meeting 2: Monday March 29th to Tuesday March 30th 2010

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Meeting 2 took place in the Department of Mechanical Materials and Manufacturing Engineering at Nottingham University.


Speakers at Meeting 2

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Plenary speakers:

  • Arieh Iserles, Cambridge;
  • Heinz Langer, Vienna;
  • D. Steven Mackey, Western Michigan University;
  • Marco Marletta, Cardiff;
  • Uwe Prells, Nottingham;
  • Françoise Tisseur, Manchester;
  • Joab Winkler, Sheffield;
  • Ion Zaballa, Universidad del Pais Vasco.

Timetable and Slides

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All talks took place in Room C25, Coates Building . Here is the full timetable. Links to the slides can be found below.


| Speakers | Timetable and Slides |


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